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Model #: G08401, G08402, G08403, G08404, G08405, G08406
Improve torque +30%
Improve lifetime +50%
Features & Benefits:
  • Higher accuracy on shank hardness tolerance is +/-2 HRC; compare with +/-5 HRC for traditional heat treatment
  • This guarantees a higher durability up to 30%
  • Fulfills all international standards
  • Every blade could be adjusted to their application
  • Finer graind leads to permanent deformation occurred peior to fracture. non-oxidationm no decarburization, improve quality
Product Details

Full grounded tip with chemical black finish.

5 surfaces precision grounded tip provides firm hold and reduce cam-out
Full ground procedure provide tolerance as +/-0.0016", compare with tolerance of +/-0.004" under punch procedure
Chemical black finish provide more accuracy size, better anti-rust function than normal "blasted" tip
Finish will nor chip or "Build up"on tip resulting in better fit

G08401Cabinet Screwdriver3/16" x 3"
G08402Cabinet Screwdriver3/16" x 6"
G08403Slotted Screwdriver5/16" x 6"
G08404Slotted Screwdriver1/4" x 4"
G08405Phillips ScrewdriverPH#1 x 3"
G08406Phillips ScrewdriverPH#2 x 4"
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